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Boys Lie Men Don't (BLMD) is all about relationships! BLMD deals with a variety of issues relating to family, kids, parents, teens, domestic violence, rape, missing children, abuse and more...​


Big Reason Men and Women Don't Communicate!


Men and women relationships don't have to be in the midst of a family crisis to risk a big communication breakdown. Even a simple conversation can go awry and women in particular have difficulty realizing that this is often due to an inherent difference in communication style.Women have a tendency to share more, explain more and describe more than men do. Men find this approach unnecessary when making a point. For him, five... Read more


RACISM Defined!

First of all, Racism is not what we been focusing on. Racism is not a social issue it is an economic issue. Racism did not exist until the commercialized enslavement of black folk in the 14th century. Racism should be framed in the context of the definition of the root word Race meaning to be in competition with, to be in a contest. Racism is a competitive situation between groups of people; it’s where one group has acquired so much power, wealth and resources they can... Read more


Sex Without Love.

Anybody remember George Michael’s 1987 hit song? The one that proclaimed: Sex is natural; sex is good; sex is best when it's one-on-one? Hmmm, but what happens when that one-on-one time gets stale, redundant and is nothing but going through the motions? Or worse, what if there is no intimacy at all in a relationship? Sexless relationships aren’t just a made up story, but something that is more common than most couples will admit. However, the good news is as long as there are no... Read more


Black Lives Matter... to Whom?


America have a law that says Black lives do NOT matter. In the famous Dred Scott Decision of 1857 that concluded that Blacks had no rights, the Supreme Court made itself co-equal to the U.S. Congress and began issuing rulings that declared governmental acts to aid Blacks were unconstitutional. This Dred Scott Decision stated emphatically that neither free nor enslaved blacks were considered to be citizens and could not sue for their freedom. Representing the Majority opinion, Supreme Court Justice Roger B. Taney, born to a slave-holding family of tobacco planters in Calvert County, Maryland wrote: “Blacks are inferior beings and as property, they... Read more


The Strong Black Man Is Alive.

The now-famous piece of writing from the early 90's by author Daniyel Willis, entitled "The Strong Black Man Is Alive."  In it, he basically explain what a man's prime purpose is still fundamentally TO HELP, PROVIDE, AND TEACH women as the male once were nurtured and cared for. Black men need to treat each Black woman as if she is his wife sire or daughter.  How Black men feel about black women substantiates how they also feel about themselves. Read it here.

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