Boys Lie Men Don't (BLMD) is a book by Daniyel Willis offering suggestions for improving male/female relationships.  The book is based on the idea that compatibility of the two genders have diametrically common communication styles, emotional similarity and its personal reality of each other providing a healthy relationship.  It will spawn a series on follow-on books expanding on specific topics.

The wait is over. Truth is over here! Great beyond doubt, like the experience on a love boat.

Atlanta Style Weekly


Informative in the extreme, Boys Lie Men Don't is a definite page-flipper.

Richmond Times-Dispatch



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Dr. Daniyel’s debut book, Boys Lie Men Don't, combines his 23 years as a relationship coach with extensive mental research to explain the connection and importance of compatibility in relationships. Daniyel reveals how the seemingly frustrating differences between women and men can be channeled and used to create positive energy and lasting passion in relationships.

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